Todo Sage for Realtors

When buying a house, looking at them starts off exciting. After the first few, it quickly gets daunting. However, after your offer has been accepted, that excitement starts all over again. Understanding the process, and timeline is key to having a smooth transaction.

1 Project = 1 Client

While helping clients buy or sell a house, you can invite them to your project. Since Todo Sage does not charge by the user, you can invite your client, their spouse or anybody else that needs to be part of the project. Another great feature of Todo Sage is that we don't charge per project either. This allows you to create a project per sale, and then archive it when you are finished.

Project Templates

Many sales go relatively the same. You have the same forms, with the same deadlines and the same process. With our templates system, you can put together a template that your projects use. No longer do you need to create a new todo list and todo for each client. Create it once, and make the minor changes for each clients situation.

Since you can have virtually unlimited templates, you can create ones for all the most common scenarios you come across.

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