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  • Todo Sage for Web Agencies

    Working at a web agency means you hopefully have a bunch of client work going on all the time. By moving away from emails and using our project management tool Todo Sage, you can make sure that you are up-to-date with the latest workings of your clients.

  • Todo Sage for Realtors

    When buying a house, looking at them starts off exciting. After the first few, it quickly gets daunting. However, after your offer has been accepted, that excitement starts all over again. Understanding the process, and timeline is key to having a smooth transaction.

  • Company Kanban Boards

    Todo Sage already supports project level Kanban boards. These are great for understanding the progress of a project. However, often times the management team needs to understand the progress of all projects. Having to view 5 different projects just does not give you that all encompassing view.