Todo Sage Features


Sub Tasks

Some todos are long running. After working with clients, we found that small changes get made in comments of todos and you lose track if they were completed or not. Therefore we have added the ability to add sub-tasks to the top of a todo. These sub-tasks are single line items that are complete or in-complete.

While in our opinion, there should only be 1 thing to complete in a todo, we understand that changes get added during the process and we want to make sure you are successful.

Time Tracking

Time tracking is important for making sure you are billing clients correctly. If enabled, users who are not considered 'clients' in your orginzation can see estimate, time spent and a form to track their time.

Time tracking is a feature that is enable for all accounts. Not all projects are client based, so you must enable it for each project you want to track time.

Custom Fields

There are times where you need to attach additional information to a todo, and have that information easily findable. Therefore we have added the ability to add custom fields. We support single line, multi line, datepickers and dropdown selectors for different field types.

Not all custom fields should be visible or editable by clients. We have added settings for both when adding or modifying your custom fields.

Example use cases:

  1. Version control branch
  2. Selling price
  3. Points of contact for third parties
Todo List
Kanban Realtor


Project Boards

Drag and drop cards from one stage to the next showing progress of your todos. Double click the card to open the todo in a popup window. This allows you to modify your todos without leaving the screen.

By utilizing websockets, the board updates in realtime as changes are made to your tasks. When one project manager updates a card it's moved on all screens currently showing the board.

Company Boards

Kanban boards are great to get an understanding of where you are in the process of your projects. Having to piece together boards for all your different projects can be painful. That is why we offer a company board. Here you can have 1 board that shows all your process. Your projects can have different stages, and you can configure which ones should be shown together.


Some projects follow the same path over and over again. Some examples could be onboarding a new client to your software, or even having your new hires follow a set structure while joining. Therefore we built templates as a convenient way to to create new projects with the setup you need.

Messages Thread


There are so many forms of communication. Instead of sifting through the tons of emails you get, you can use messages to put all your project communication inside messages. When someone replies to a message you are a watcher of, you can reply to the notification email and the content of your message will automatically get posted.